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1012 Bride's Dowry Package 新娘嫁妆

1012 Bride's Dowry Package 新娘嫁妆

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Dowry Set 嫁妆配套

Our Dowry Set includes

1 Tea Set

1 Bowl Set

1 Red Umbrella

1 Sewing Kit

1 Mini wooden clogs

1 Pair of prosperity lamps

1 Laced Hand Fan

1 Descendent Pail Set (Baby Prosperity Set)

1 Bride’s Red Packets Set (Son-In-Law, Sugarcane, Happiness Chicken Red Packets)

2 Pairs of Chopsticks

2 Couple Face Towel Set

2 Pairs of Red Slippers

2 bottles of orange juice in exchange of liquor

2 Charcoal, blessing the Groom good fortune

  • With purchase of our Guo Da Li and/or Dowry packages, you'll also be entitled to a Consultation with us on your Chinese wedding preparations. Ask away any questions you have from your Guo Da Li to the Bed-setting, and your Tea Ceremony.
  • Please note that a 1-week lead time is required. Upon purchase, kindly provide us 3 days before contacting you for the final package arrangement. Our customary team will contact you after purchase to further advise on which is the correct dialect package for you. For purchase of our Guo Da Li and Dowry packages, Free Delivery is available and the packages can be delivered to the Groom and Bride's place respectively. 
  • Photo taken is only for illustration purpose - items taken include all dialect groups' customs. 
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