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1012 Bride's Dowry Package 新娘嫁妆

1012 Bride's Dowry Package 新娘嫁妆

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1 Tea Set 敬茶 茶具

1 Bowl Set 汤圆 对碗

1 Red Umbrella 结婚红伞

1 Sewing Kit 百子千孙 针线盒

1 Mini wooden clogs 夫妻小木 迷你木屐

1 A pair of prosperity lamps 多子多孙 子孙灯

1 Laced Hand Fan 扇子

2 pairs of chopsticks 同心筷子

2 Mugs 情侣杯子

2 Face Towel Set 白头到老 情侣面巾

2 Pairs of Red Slippers 夫妻和谐 结婚鞋

2 bottles of orange juice packed nicely in organza bags 橙汁

2 Charcoal 旺炭


* Instruction guides, guiding the Bride and family on the usage and meanings of per item, and procedures to follow during the Betrothal Day and the actual Wedding Day. 

Standard 7-14 working days.
Expedite 3-7 working days. 

From “Guo  Da Li” Traditions to Modern “I do”. We customise to fit the needs of each family and there are various designs for the couple to choose from. We hope to bring about convenience and a blissful experience for all newlyweds. Do Contact Us for more enquiry or click on the WhatsApp icon on the side of the page to WhatsApp us.

You will be entitled a free Virtual Consultation with us on your Chinese wedding GDL preparations! We will be happy to answer all your questions. 

* 嫁妆说明书

洋溢幸福的气息和喜家的方便,这是一套实际的嫁妆配套。更多细节和详情可以留下您的联络方式和问题,或点击WhatsApp 的按钮直接和我们联系,我们会尽快回复您。

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