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Your Guide to Unraveling Chinese Wedding Traditions.

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What services are typically included in a Chinese wedding package offered on your website?

Chinese wedding packages may include services such as venue decoration, photography, catering, traditional tea ceremonies, and wedding planning assistance. The specific services can vary by package.

Can I customize a Chinese wedding package to suit my preferences and budget?

Yes, we offer flexibility in our Chinese wedding packages. You can often customize the package to include or exclude specific services based on your needs and budget.

How do I choose an auspicious wedding date for my Chinese wedding, and can your packages accommodate that?

Our wedding planners can help you select an auspicious date based on traditional customs or your personal preferences. We strive to accommodate your chosen date in our packages.

Do you offer both traditional and modern Chinese wedding packages?

Yes, we provide a range of Chinese wedding packages to cater to different tastes. Whether you prefer a traditional, culturally rich wedding or a more modern and Western-influenced celebration, we have options for you.

Are there any special discounts or promotions available for booking Chinese wedding packages on your website?

We periodically offer promotions and discounts on our Chinese wedding packages. Be sure to check our website or contact our customer service for the latest offers and deals.

What types of traditional Chinese wedding gifts are popular for couples today?

Traditional Chinese wedding gifts that remain popular include “Ping Jing Angpao” red envelopes (hongbao), jewelry, tea sets, and items featuring the "Double Happiness" symbol. Many couples also appreciate modern gifts like personalized items with their names and wedding date.

Can I personalize the Chinese wedding gifts I purchase on your website?

Yes, many of our products can be personalized with the couple's names, wedding date, or special messages to make the gift unique and meaningful.

Are there specific customs I should be aware of when giving Chinese wedding gifts?

Yes, when giving red envelopes (hongbao), it's important to use even numbers and avoid the number 4, which is considered unlucky. Additionally, consider the couple's preferences and any cultural background that may influence their gift choices.

What is the typical price range for Chinese wedding gifts on your website?

We offer a wide range of Chinese wedding gifts to accommodate various budgets. Prices can vary depending on the type of gift, materials used, and whether customization is involved.

How can I ensure that the Chinese wedding gifts I order are of high quality and authentic in design?

We work with reputable suppliers to ensure the authenticity and quality of our Chinese wedding gifts. Customer reviews and ratings can also provide valuable insights into the products' quality.

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