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1013 Bed-Setting Set 安床配套

1013 Bed-Setting Set 安床配套

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1 Bed-setting red packet 安床红包

1 Prosperity wedding tray 安床喜盘

1 Set of Five Cereals Set 五谷米 五谷丰收吉祥品

1 Tray of individually sealed and packed grains 密封包装 京果 早生贵子吉祥品

1 Auspicious Ruler 子孙 尺 - 结了婚,做事要有分寸

1 Pack of candies 结婚礼糖

12 packs Fate Coins 大缘小缘(缘钱)


* Instruction guides with auspicious recitals

Standard 7-14 working days.
Expedite 3-7 working days. 

From “Guo Da Li” Traditions to Modern “I do”. This is a fuss-free and happy way of doing your bed-setting. We hope to bring about convenience and a blissful experience for all newlyweds. Do Contact Us for more enquiry or click on the WhatsApp icon on the side of the page to WhatsApp us.

* 安床说明书 包括安床吉语 

洋溢幸福的气息和喜家的方便,这是一套实际又简单的安床配套。更多细节和详情可以留下您的联络方式和问题,或点击WhatsApp 的按钮直接和我们联系,我们会尽快回复您。

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